• KermanKhodro Powertrain
    OEM Supplier for Engines, Gearboxes and Axles
    DAEWOO ( Racer - Cielo – Matiz ) & VW ( GOL )
    HYUNDAI ( Verona ) & SAIPA ( Pride Gearbox )
    MVM 110,315,530 , X33,...
  • Products Features
    Production of engines with the lowest fuel consumption
    Meets the recent and up to date national standards
    International standards regarding environmental protection and air pollution
    Owning experience and new technologies

The largest Iranian manufacturer and supplier of automotive powertrain in Private Sector

Quality Policy

Established in 1994, , Purchase, installation and assembly halls engine and gearbox, gear machining and shells and pistons in 1995 , The engine assembly, transmission and piston production from 1996 , Certification of quality management in 2003 Continued production of the dynamics and needs of Kerman Khodro Group , Revision, reconstruction and completion of production hall and laboratory equipment company 2013 , Review the quality management system and chart changes in 2014 The development of a new contract to supply gear gearbox and engine production of 2014 , Audit and reassess the quality management system and quality certification in 2015

Introduction of a company

The main objectives of the current activities of the KermanKhodro Powertrain Company established at the time were considered included domestic needs, self-sufficiency in the production of parts and eliminate dependence on foreign countries, focusing on the quality and implementation of total quality management, attending Global trade and exports of industrial development, after-sales service to customers and end consumers

Values and mission

KPTCo, is going to provide a considerable part of Iran car powertrain products. Using competent human resources, applying cutting-edge technology in developing products and processes, and offering reasonable price KPTCo. is seeking customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of the quality of the production. Extending the localization of automotive parts production according to international standards to meet the needs of car manufactures and spare parts market is one of the main goals of the company. Financial returns, effective capital management, and efforts to reduce costs can contribute to the profitability and success of the company

Manufacturing Capibilities

KPT Co. has the Capibility and facilities for assembly of different Engines, GearBoxes, Axles and manufacturing of different power train parts foe various vehicles

Development and Collaboration

KPTCo. with adequate background in Technology & know-how through cooperation with reputable international companies, has a good potential for active partnership in utilization of the most updated know-how coinciding to the recent international standards in developing of new products in the field of Engines and Gearboxes and modifications of existing Platforms for car manufacturers by services in Packaging and Homologations. Also Continuously has developing projects, such as current project for production of car body pressing parts.

Production Assembly Lines

KPTCo. Started production activities with assembling of Engines, Gearboxes, Axles for car power train in 2001. At the time being KPTCo. holds the following capabilities : Two Engine assembly line with annual capacity of 200,000 , There Gearbox assembly line with annual capacity of 300,000 , Two Axle assembly line with annual capacity of 200,000 , Hydraulic steering , c.v.joint, Front suspension, Brake System assembly line with annual capacity of 100,000 unit each

Components Production Lines

KPT CO. Started utilization of production power train components in 2009 and has the capability for producing different parts as follows : Complete set of Gears production line with the annual capacity of 100.000 set, Gearbox shafts production line with the annual capacity of 100.000 both shafts, Two Gearbox cases production line with the annual capacity of 100.000 casing , Cylinder Heads production line with the annual capacity of 120.000 unit , Cylinder Block production line with the annual capacity of 200.000 unit , Con Rods production line with the annual capacity of 400.000 unit , Piston production line with the annual capacity of 400.000 unit

  • Production amounted to two hundred thousand gearboxes production and use at home and abroad
  • A major supplier of automotive powertrain assembly Cielo, Matiz,Gol , Verena, MVM and complete gearbox of Pride